Face reading - Introduction



* Every face is like a mirror , and every

 facial feature is telling you something

about a person.




*your face is a physical-emotional map of

who you are and where you are going.


00- key

 *The key here is to know your own

strengths and weaknesses.


00- trauma or drama

 * Faces change. When we are going through

 trauma or drama, there is a shift in the

contours of our faces.



*Our faces are canvases. Life

paints a story on them.



00-Blue Print

 * you are born with a personal blueprint

that  is yours and yours alone, and that

this inner

architecture can be seen in your outer

 design - the features of your face



 *Facial reading is used to determine a

 personís constitution, current health

 status, long-term health  prospects and

psychological and emotional profiling.


00-outer reflects the inne.

*Outer reflects the inner. Your face reflects

your inner thoughts and beliefs. Your fate

is determined  by your beliefs and mindset.



*We are dealing with people all the time ,

so what best can be that you

 interpret all about the people without

having to know them.


00-Map of your journey in life.

 It  acts  as map of your journey in life, where you've been, where you are now, and what lies before you. Keeping in mind though that the future is malleable, and not written in stone. A face reading can empower you with the tools you already possess to move towards positive change.

00-Inner blue print

 It also informs us of our inner nature, or what could be called  our unique inner blueprint. It shows us what it is you need to live a happy and fulfilled life. It will assist you in living out of your own unique strengths, step further into your personal power, and help you move through life from your most balanced, aligned state of being.


Face reading is a tool that gives you an immediate advantage in every face-to-face interaction that you ever have. It will change your life because it will change the way you see and understand people.


The physical structure of your face are a map that records your past, reflects your present and forecast the future you. Each facial feature,line,and crevice tells a story about who you are


The human face is living personality profile and can be read much like a book.

00-create harmony

If married, learn why your partner of many years acts the way they do and how to create harmony.