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Forehead : Features And Personality

200-1(Curved out Forehead)



*Dislikes rigid systems

200-2(Deep Forehead)

1.Generous and warmhearted

2.Creative and enthusiastic


200-3(Slopped Forehead)

1.Good Memory

2.Quick reaction


200-4(Straight Forehead)

*Linear thinking



200-5(High Forehead)

1.High intelligence

2.Mental agility


200-6(Low forehead)

1. Not thinking brain..




200-7(M shaped forehead)

1These types of people are very interested in the arts.


3.They always find their career and opportunity from a distant place.

4.They  make excellent researchers.

5.They are good at organizing.


200-8(Pointed hairline/widow's




* Such people have to apply bigger efforts to be successful in studying and career


1.      Logical mind

2.      . The person is practical in his approach and feels that any problem can be solved by brain power.

3.      He or she will not have feelings

200-10(Hair-line-Straight but short )

1.      Irritable nature.

2.      . He or she will have rigid views which cannot be changed

Such people often have unhappy childhood which makes them crave for love and sex. However lover affairs will bring them trouble



1.      Represents wavering mind, superstition,

2.      Irresponsible and selfish person

He or she will be fond of good food and comforts and exploits others



1.      A peaked hair-line [Fig 4] indicates troubled teenage and therefore the person feels insecure.

2.      . The person will have high intelligence but narrow views.

Their revolutionary ideas will make them join some anti-social groups


* Rebellious and rigid person.

* He would receive unhappiness from the society around him in his youth.

* If the forehead is wide and high, then he will achieve success in a chosen field, otherwise there will be failure

200-14(Upper part high)

* If the upper half part is high, shiny and without any black scars, then the person would maintain good relation with his parents

*. His parents would be fortunate and their advice will help him reach higher levels in the life.

200-15(Lower half part is high)

* If the lower half part is high, shiny and without any blemishes, then the person settles in good job or career early. He will also enjoy good social status by the time he gets middle age.


200-16(Lower half part depressed)

*If this region is depressed or with black scars, then the person will face difficulties in getting the job. He has to work on less pay and he may change the jobs several times


200-17(Square Forehead)

*A square forehead shows honesty, sincerity. Straight eyebrows increase these qualities

200-18(Forehead with deep lines 1.e wrinkles)

* Forehead with deep lines (wrinkles):It reveals those who indulge in contemplation and research

200-19(Forehead without line)

*Head without lines show cold, selfishness, lack of empathy and sarcasm.

200-20(Wide forehead)

 * Busy and thinking brain.

200-21(upper surface of the forehead is swollen)

If upper surface of the forehead is swollen : Strong memory.

200-22(central of the forehead is swollen)

If central of the forehead is swollen : Fast thinking brain.

200-23(bottom of the forehead is swollen)

If bottom of the forehead is swollen : Skillful at job and in arts.

200-24( central of the forehead is hollow)

if central of the forehead is hollow : Arrogant.

200-25(Very small forehead)

Very small forehead : Mental deficiency.

200-26(High and swollen forehead

*    High intelligence and understanding.

200-27(Flat and straight forehead)

A bad body and getting sick frequently.

200-28(Narrow and low forehead)

Narrow and low forehead : Stubborn and not thinking brain.

200-29(Narrow, low and protruding forehead)

*To show courage without thinking.

200-30(Long and hollow forehead)

*Bad character

200-31(Very long and flat forehead)

*Very long and flat forehead : Perfectionist, apprehension and catty.

200-32(Bright and rounded at the top forehead)

*Bright and rounded at the top forehead : Genius and goodness.

200-33(Narrow and hard forehead)

*Narrow and hard forehead : Determination and solidity.

200-34(Vertical and protruding at the top forehead)

*Vertical and protruding at the top forehead : Serious, well-mannered and being able to see the future.

200-35(slim lines on forehead)

*If a young person has slim lines on forehead : Sorrowful.

200-36(Wide and high forehead)

Wide and high forehead : Low intelligence.

200-37(Low and cambered forehead)

Low and cambered forehead : A person who canथcide and move on his/her own.

200-38(Prominent temporal vein)

Prominent temporal vein 䨩s can show high blood pressure, which could be the result of anger or anxiety.

200-39(Horizontal lines on forehead)

Horizontal lines on forehead 䨥se lines are often known as ﲲy lines⥣ause when we堷orried we tend to wrinkle our forehead. They could also be a sign of an excess of liquid, sugar or fat intake.

200-40(Forehead with deep lines (wrinkles)

Forehead with deep lines (wrinkles) it reveals those who indulge in contemplation and research. Head without lines show cold, selfishness, lack of empathy and sarcasm. Vertical lines (wrinkles) between the eyes shows the power of concentration.