Eyebrows : Features And Personality

300-1(Curved Eyebrows)

 * Your mental focus is people-oriented.

* You connect & relate to the world best through your understanding of people.

* Sometimes you can understand an idea or theory better if it is explained to you in terms of a personal example or experience.

* It is best not to burden you with too much technical detail without showing you the real-world application (usefulness


300-2(Straight Eyebrows)

 * Your approach is direct and factual, and you want the technical details.

* You appreciate logic, and you will need to be shown all the facts and available data before accepting something as true.

*: You mentally evaluate the hard facts without letting emotion effect your  judgement


300-3(Angled Eyebrows)

 *If is important for you to stay mentally in control of any situation in which you find yourself.

* Gregarious and expansive.

* you may have good leadership qualities because few people will challenge your authority.

* You like to be right and usually are.

*You  consciestiously do your homework.


300-4(High Eyebrows)

* You are discerning, selective, and discriminating.

* You need time to observe and work out ideas completely before acting.

* You protect yourself with a wait-and-see approach.

* You need time to put new information for you to understand how you feel about the subject and how the parts relate to the whole.

* You store information with an emotional tab; by recalling the feeling, you can often recall the event with surprising clarity.

* You detest being put on the spot to make a snap assessment or to make a decision about something new before you have had time to reflect on it and understand it.


300-5(Low Eyebrows)

* You are expressive, quick to take action and you process information quickly.

* You want to get the job done and do it now.

* You may have a tendency to interrupt others when they seem too slow to speak because you can often anticipate what they are going to say before they have finished saying it.

* You are initially optimistic but may become antagonistic if criticized.

* Your challenge is to develop more patience with others who donít have your gift of mental quickness.



 * Winged (thick at beginning, becoming thinner at ends)

* You need to be on the planning committee.

* You love coming up with big, new ideas.

* Your visionary approach allows you to create exciting new plans, but your challenge is with follow-through.

* Delegate details to someone else to free yourself up to focus on your grand vision.




* Managerial (thin at beginning, thicker at outer edges):

* You may be slow to start something new, but once a task is accepted, you have great follow-through.

* Mentally tidy, well-organized, and methodical.

* You do well in any roles that requires attention to detail and completion.


* Do your eyebrows meet in the middle?

* Stop worrying so much.

* Your mind is always on the go and you find it hard to relax.

* You also need to stop taking everything so personally or else you'll find yourself often feeling depressed.

* Your thoughts are continuous and restless.

* Your challenge is to learn to mentally rest and relax.

*: If you have a problem, you may have trouble sleeping because you canít stop thinking. Meditation helps.