Eyes : Features And Personality

400-1(Widely Spaced)

* More than one eye’s width apart.

* You have a broad, open perspective and a far-sighted imagination, but you hate dealing with details.

*If the eyes are distanced they show stupidity.

*You are very tolerant of others and far-sighted. However, you are also gullible and setbacks launch you on an emotional rollercoaster.

 *You may be less grounded than most people and may even be considered “spacey” by those with a narrower field of view. Your challenge is gaining the financial reward you deserve for your broad insights, because compensation for your efforts is a detail you may overlook. ,


400-2(Closely Spaced)

*Less than one eye’s width apart.

*You are very focused on details and excel at exacting tasks where minute details are important.

* You do well in positions that require extreme focus, such as accounting, technical support, proofing documents and the like. *Your challenge is learning to see the big picture and relating to others on their terms.

* Closed eyes reveals aptitude for foreign languages learning ​​and a good memory.
*This reveals that you have a narrow and calculating approach to life.

*Although fairly intolerant, you can accurately assess the world around you and use it to best advantage.


400-3(Angles Up )

* Outer corner higher than inner corner.

* You are good at inspiration and imagination.

*You are an optimist with a focus on the positive things in life. *You expect things to turn out for the best. This attitude allows you to accomplish goals others would never try.

*Your challenge is to keep an even keel if plans don’t work out as expected.


400-4(Angles Down)

*Outer corner lower than inner corner.

*You are especially good at spotting potential trouble.

* You don’t see the world through rose-colored glasses.

* In fact, you expect problems.

*You may find that others come to you with their problems because your eyes also show a genuine compassion for the suffering of others.

*You are quick to admit your errors and correct them, and you expect others to do the same.


400-5(No Angle)

*Inner and outer corners on same level:

* You have a balanced view of life and tend to be pragmatic (sensible, businesslike) and objective.

* You are not easily discouraged and possess resilience under stress.

*If plans don’t work out at first, you can continue on undaunted until they do.

* You are also concerned with fairness and justice.


400-6(eyes  deep in sockets)

You may seem calm and relaxed, but you are constantly evaluating everything. Even when you are nodding your head, it doesn’t mean you are agreeing with what’s being said.

*You question and weigh matters carefully and need proof before accepting anything.

 *You protect your inner self by being reflective, reserved, cautious, and observant.

*You are cautious and reserved.

* Although you are deeply romantic, you never let yourself become unrealistic in love.

*You usually become successful from your late thirties onwards.


400-7(Bulging eyes)

* Eyes appear to be bulging out of sockets.

 *You are naturally enthusiastic and eager to participate.

*You don’t have to run the show, but you want to be included in whatever is happening.

*Your challenge is that if you are interrupted, you may feel criticized and you will put up emotional walls because you don’t feel appreciated

*You are strong-willed and egotistical, and you hate being interrupted.


400-8(Top lids abundant)

*Abundant (most of upper lid is visible with eyes open)

 *You  bond  well with your partner.

 *You have a strong need for intimacy.

* In relationships, you are a person who incorporates and bonds with your partner.

* You want someone who will consider you and share all aspects of life with you.

* If your partner is going to be late, you want to be informed.

*You understand the meaning of commitment.

*Your challenge is learning to give your partner his or her space.