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Cheeks  : Features And Personality

600-1(Prominent Cheekbones)  

An indication of power and authority.

The stronger the cheeks, the more authoritative you are.

Those in positions of control, executive power and leadership will often be seen to possess very strong, prominent cheeks.

In romance and marriage, the partner with the more powerful cheeks is said to control the other.

When meeting others of the opposite sex take note of the strength of the cheeks. Compare your own and study the play of energies between you

600-2(Flat Cheekbones)  

A person with flat cheekbones does not have the type of fortune for leadership. They have a hard time getting people to listen to them, especially those with high cheekbones. However, they can keep people under control by being more strict, and rewarding those who follow.

600-3(Wide Cheekbones)  

Wide cheekbones are ideal for women because they have a higher ability to protect themselves and be rightfully cautious. They usually have the sense that as long as they are not crossed, they will not cross others.

600-4(High Cheekbones)

High cheekbones indicate a person has enormous drive and ambition. However, the high cheekbones will only bring luck to those who have high cheek bones paired with a certain type of nose. The bridge of the nose should be high, the tip and the flesh of the nostrils should be rounded and prominent. If however, the cheekbones are high, but the nose is thin, then this person should be more careful during the ages of 46 to 47.

Those with the high cheekbones are more likely to take the initiative.


600-5(Wide and High Cheekbones)

These people are very proud and driven. In addition, they have a tendency to become jealous of others. It doesn't matter what they say or do, on the inside, they are thinking about how a situation will benefit them.

600-6(Narrow but Strong Cheeks)  

If your cheeks are narrow but strong you have a very stubborn streak in your nature.

 You are not easily changed in opinion or swayed from the course of action you set your mind upon.

You are also extremely forceful in the way you present your opinions and ideas to others. This may not serve you as well as you think - especially if you require the support of your peers and superiors in your professional arena.

600-7(Hollow Cheeks)  

Hollow, or indented, cheeks indicate stress in the body or emotions, especially related to overwork.

Sunken cheeks indicate a serious and responsible attitude to life.

600-8(Cheek Dimples)


Dimple is a dominant trait that is genetically inherited. Anatomically, dimples are caused by the variation in facial muscle structure.

Most people with dimples have dimples on both the cheeks.

A single dimple on one side of the face is rarely seen.

 Dimples are caused due to short muscles.

 In some Asian cultures, for instance, dimples have traditionally been viewed as a sign of good fortune.