Chin : Features And Personality

900-1(Round chin)

A person with a round chin is a friendly person, he is neither aggressive nor harsh. This person loves social gatherings and usually provides a very nice company. If you enter a new place, for example, a shopping mall and wanted to ask for help then the best one would be someone with round facial features.

900-2(Square chin) 

A square-chinned person is called the challenger. That person always challenges problems by standing up whenever he falls. He never gives up until he reaches what he wants. He is usually very competitive and considers everything, even sports, as a challenge rather than looking at the fun part of it. This person has the ability of pointing out the pros and cons of any issue and this makes him a very good consultant and a debate lover. To get along with him avoid igniting his fighting spirit and take his opinions into consideration.


900-3(Protruding chin)

 What is meant by a protruding chin is that the chin seems to be protruding when viewed from the side view rather than being perfectly vertical. This person cannot let go of things easily and holds on to them as much as he can. This person rarely quits anything midway and this applies to relationships too.

900-4(Receding chin)

People with receding chins are exactly the opposite of those who have protruding ones. People with receding chins are the type of people who have got lots of semi finished projects because they find it hard to commit to anything to the end unless they really need it. You are a peace lover and are very popular for it. You'd rather follow orders than give them. You avoid conflict at any cost. The danger is that your lack of ambition will leave you unprepared for retirement.

900-5(Pointed chin)

A person with a pointed chin is a stubborn person just like the one with long front teeth. Having both features together means that the person is very stubborn. This person has fierce inner resistance that can be triggered when someone pushes against him. When dealing with such a person, you must depend on your flexibility because pushing against him will yield no result. You like to remain in the driving seat at all times. Intelligent and oversensitive, you can suffer from mood swings. You hate being ordered to do things without a full explanation.

900-6(Double chin)

Double chin  and big cheeks reveals great joy, attraction for good food and sensual pleasures. These qualities are more pronounced in those with large jaws.

900-7(Small chin)

A small chin is usually associated with a pointed chin. In face reading, whenever the facial features are relatively smaller to those of normal people then the person is considered a sensitive person. People with small chins and small facial features are very sensitive to criticism and overwhelming life events. Criticize those people and they will hate you, shout at them and they may not approach you again. In order to get along with a sensitive person try to be more nurturing than usual.

900-8(Long squared  chin)

A lady with long chin is full of worldly desires and of loose character.